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Aiukli means "beautiful" in the Choctaw language & Aiukli Art is a collective of Native American artists who seek to make this world a more beautiful place. This site, and our social media pages are just one of the ways that participating artists feature their work, and offer select pieces to the public.


Randell Baze is an artist from Cloudy, Oklahoma with a penchant for realism, Bob Ross, and the European Baroque era of art.

He is a Choctaw registered artist, specializing in calligraphy, ink, acrylic, watercolor, oil paintings, and sketches.

This shot is really all about the earrin

      Summer Wesley is a registered Choctaw artist, outspoken community advocate, driven entrepreneur, and thoughtful artist who lives by the maxim "do no harm, but take no shit". She hustles hard, is fiercely protective, loves fully, and seeks to help others value their authentic selves.

      Summer is the mom of many who has done modeling, acting, and extra work & is creator & co-host of the Broke & Broken Podcast, which seeks to help people live their best life by combating stigma & shame. Her future goals include the destruction of the patriarchy & the obliteration of settler-colonial violence, in all its forms.

(Photographed with the earrings that she designed and created; which are now held in collection by the Smithsonian.)

Honesty Aiukli is a young artist, and a professional model/actor. Her goals are to branch in fashion design and cultivate her skills in visual and performance art.


In compliance with both the federal and the Oklahoma Indian Arts & Crafts Acts, all artists are enrolled citizens of federally recognized tribes,

If you are an artist that would like to join the collective, please don't hesitate to contact us. There can never be too much beauty in the world.

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